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Anonymous asked:

Wow, a lot of nasty anons you've been having lately. As someone who has spend a lot of time in the special needs section of the classroom, let me just say: no, I'm not offended, regardless of what those assholes try to say supposedly in my defense. New sailor moon makes loads and loads of derp derp faces all the time. Don't feel like you have to change your language or censor yourself because of what some sexist shits say on the internet.

Thank you for your words. I think words are not offensive per se, words are offensive when we meant to offend. And of course, it was never my intention to offend disabled people.

eritia-coli asked:

About SMC...I think changing drastically the music during the trasformation was lame. I mean, the original music was catchy and almost iconic, while the new one pratically sounds like every pretty cure one for five seasons...what do you think?

I’m not really happy with the transformation song either, I don’t want to sound like a nostalgic hatter, in fact I’m totally in love with the new opening, the lyrics are awesome, the music is catchy… really nice song. But the music in the transformation… it is quite boring and cheesy, isn’t it?

Since they keept the same choreography (which is totally GREAT), they could keept also the melody, maybe modernized it, of course, but keeping the essence.

magicarobotica asked:

Hey, I'm neuroatypical and have learning difficulties, so I wanted to thank you for listening when people said using the word 'retard' is not okay. It makes me very angry when people don't try to understand why that word is harmful because people don't seem to realise how much shitty treatment people with disabilities get so thank you for understanding and respecting people like me.

You’re welcome! It was a huge mistake by me, but it won’t happen again. Thank you for your words :)


Anonymous asked:

Just came to say thanks for editing the images, the word "retard" is very harsh and sadly used as a synonym of the word stupid both in spanish language and english language (My first lang is spanish), which is pretty offensive and mean to people with actual disabilities, I say this because the critic is SPOT ON and wanted to reblog so now I can feel at peace doing so, so thank you kind friend for learning on a mistake and just hitting the nail on what bothers me too about Sailor Moon Crystal <3

You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked my post. Thank you for your message :D

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